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FSV'S Scenery Bundle.
The FSV Scenery bundle includes three airports Vintage Field, Coalinga, Ken's Gliders and two support folders, "Kenny's Library and CalClassic's X Static Objects Library. Because I tend to create classic scenery I like to use The CalClassic Static Objects Library for adding filler objects. The CalClassic's Static Objects Library is needed for my scenery to display correctly.
Vintage Field (KFSV)
This FSX Version of Vintage Field (KFSV) is nestled in the center of the San Joaquin Valley, about 30 miles north of Fresno California. It has a 6000 Ft LIS runways 30, 21, a passenger terminal and a cargo terminal. Also an ADF radio 330.0 and a VOR station 108.20

If you have an earlier versions Vintage Field it should be uninstalled in FS and deleted before this new version of Vintage Field is installed.
Ken's Gliders (1GP)
Ken's Glider park is about 35 miles north of Mahlon Sweet Field (KEUG) Eugene Oregon. It's a 1400 ft grass field
Fiel Size: 634 MB