Wecome to FSV'S Group Flight Schedules

To understand how this page works, there are a few things to take notice of. Our group flight page contains past group flight as well as upcomeing flights.

  1. Let's start with the airline logo. In this case the American Airlines logo next to the schedule indicates that the schedule is an American Airlines flight.
  2. Under the airline logo is a icon with the words "PNL" By clicking on the "PNL" icon you can download the flight plan for that flight.
  3. An active or upcomeing flight will be in white lettering highlighted with a green background.
  4. For XAcars/kACARS. A pilot can simply type the flight number in to there XAcars or kACARS cilent. Also clicking on the flight that's in blue a page will come up with the Acars flight info, along with map of the flight route.