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Avg Landing: -307 FPM


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Posted by Ken Fox on 03/06/2023

Fresno Yosemite Intl Airport is FSV'S home field and here's two addon scenery packages that look real ince.

KFAT Fresno Yosemite Intl Airport for FS2020

 KFAT Fresno Yosemite Intl Airport for X-Plane 11

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Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
BOEING11Commercial Pilot - GantmanKBVS64SB-35001.43-458 ft/mAccepted
FSV271Senior Captain - FoxKEUGKFATV35B02.15-53 ft/mAccepted
CW100Commercial Pilot - GantmanKRNTKBVSC-17200.56-76 ft/mAccepted
FSV-NZ20Pilot - RIZKNZTONZROC-17200.11-165 ft/mAccepted
FSV-NZ19Pilot - RIZKNZTTNZTOC-17200.27-300 ft/mAccepted
BLE100Pilot - MitchellKFATKHOUB737-20003.22-194 ft/mAccepted
PANAM44Commercial Pilot - GantmanLFBDKSEADC-6B23.34-86 ft/mAccepted
CW60Commercial Pilot - GantmanLXGBLFBDC9001.51-861 ft/mAccepted
CW55Commercial Pilot - GantmanLFBDLXGBC9001.56-426 ft/mAccepted
FSV270Senior Captain - FoxKBFLKFATC-17201.08-33 ft/mAccepted
TDF16Commercial Pilot - GantmanLFMKLFBDC208-NG01.11-384 ft/mAccepted
TDF16Commercial Pilot - GantmanLFLPLFMKC208-NG01.42-461 ft/mAccepted
TDA16Commercial Pilot - GantmanLFHMLFLPC208-NG00.20-403 ft/mAccepted
FSV269Senior Captain - FoxKSANKMRYBE5802.35-280 ft/mAccepted
TDF16Commercial Pilot - GantmanLFGALFHMC208-NG01.11223 ft/mAccepted
FSV-NZ18Pilot - RIZKNZTGNZTTC-17200.20-242 ft/mAccepted
TDF16Commercial Pilot - GantmanLFPOLFGAC208-NG01.55-1449 ft/mAccepted
FSV-NZ16Senior Captain - FoxNZMENZHNC-17200.52-97 ft/mAccepted
FSV-NZ14Senior Captain - FoxNZCXNZARG-21A00.29-66 ft/mAccepted

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Ken FoxUnited States


Pilots: 19
Total Airline Hours: 5,273
Flights: 2,621
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 1,857,724
Aircraft: 108
Passengers: 89,650
Routes: 453

Mar 2023 Top Landings

Ken F.C172-33 ft/min
Ken F.BE35-53 ft/min
Ken F.G21-66 ft/min
Russell G.C172-76 ft/min
Russell G.DC6B-86 ft/min

Newest Pilots

AAL7902 Chris Joyce
FSV7899 Chris Nancarrow
AAL7898 Russell Gantman
FSV7897 Jeffrey Berman
FSV7896 Diego Sollini

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