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Average Landing

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Avg Landing: -313 FPM

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Latest Company News

Posted by Ken Fox on 02/23/2021

Posted by Ken Fox on 02/01/2021

New JoinFS Test Version 2.0.4

There has been a recent connection issue for some users, but fortunately Peter found the problem.

The JoinFS test version can be downloaded from hereĀ

Our Flights

Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
BLE11Pilot - FoxKSANKSFOB737-80001.16-106 ft/mAccepted
BLE1140Pilot - FoxKDFWKBOSB737-80003.15-65 ft/mAccepted
AAL10000Senior Captain - CorneliusKDFWKBOSMD-8203.36-144 ft/mAccepted
FSV497Second Officer - SpicerKSBAKPSPG-73 MALLARD01.14-775 ft/mAccepted
FSV497Second Officer - SpicerKFATKBSAC-17201.33-536 ft/mAccepted
BLE710823Pilot - FoxKFATKDFWB737-80003.00-77 ft/mAccepted
FSV710853Pilot - EllensonCYQICYZXSTINSON01.03-151 ft/mAccepted
BLE10Pilot - FoxKSEAKFATB737-80002.17-129 ft/mAccepted
FSV497Second Officer - SpicerKACKKBOSG-73 MALLARD00.35-258 ft/mAccepted
GHE0220Second Officer - EhrentrautLKKKWPDHC-2T00.42-450 ft/mAccepted
AAL10000Senior Captain - CorneliusKHOUKJAX727-20001.52-446 ft/mAccepted
AAL10000Senior Captain - CorneliusKPHXKIAHB737-20003.05-368 ft/mAccepted
FSV1144IFR Commercial Pilot - AkridgeKTVLKFATERJ145 LR01.15-574 ft/mAccepted
AAL10000Senior Captain - CorneliusKLGAKMIAB-707-320B03.19-185 ft/mAccepted

Pilots Online

There are no pilots online!


Pilots: 18
Total Airline Hours: 3,970
Flights: 2,078
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 1,369,237
Aircraft: 104
Passengers: 79,192
Routes: 390

Feb 2021 Top Landings

Ken F.C172-1 ft/min
Ken F.C172-16 ft/min
Ken F.B732-28 ft/min
Ken F.C172-48 ft/min
Ken F.BE58-51 ft/min

Newest Pilots

FSV7869 Adil Abdalla
FSV7868 George Sills
FSV7866 Steve Roof
FSV7865 Gaston Webb
FSV7864 Robert Reid

FSV Servers

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