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Average Landing

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Avg Landing: -309 FPM

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Posted by Ken Fox on 09/18/2021 Forum

For help and information about X-Plane and more.

Posted by Ken Fox on 09/17/2021

JoinFS Multiplayer Across Flight Simulators ~ FSV is running Version 3.0.8

  • Meet new pilots and fly together in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020Prepar3DX-PlaneFSX:Steam and FSX.
  • Decentralized hostless and efficient peer-to-peer networking.
  • Smooth jitter-free live movement of aircraft capable of close and large formation flying.
  • Shared cockpit across different simulators with unlimited passengers and multi-role co-pilot cockpit.
  • Suitable for virtual pilot training and instruction.
  • The JoinFS Hub network allows anyone to launch a publicly listed session for general flying or special events.
  • Multiple window views to monitor the network, public sessions and information about who is online and in your current session.
  • Record and save multiple aircraft to a file for future playback. Play back aircraft recordings live over the network to others in your session.
  • Simple model matching and model masquerading allows you to substitute any aircraft model instantly while connected.
  • Save your frequent contacts in the address book and connect with ease.
  • Languages supported: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese.

Our Flights

Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
FSVRC210921Senior Flight Captain - CainKMDWKLGAC-17206.13-234 ft/mAccepted
AAL212AAPilot - MitchellKBFLKSFOC47A01.39-174 ft/mAccepted
FSV3Pilot - MitchellKSANKBFLC208-NG01.25-236 ft/mAccepted
FSVRC211809Senior Flight Captain - CainKRAPKMDWC-17206.59-197 ft/mAccepted
FSV201Master First Officer - FoxKRDDKASTD-18S02.08-23 ft/mAccepted
FSV200Master First Officer - FoxKBFLKRDDD-18S01.59-56 ft/mAccepted
FSV299Second Officer - SpicerKFATKTVLC208-NG01.06-1925 ft/mAccepted
GHE0912Second Officer - EhrentrautKSFOKLAX727-20001.18-486 ft/mAccepted
FSV-NZ11Pilot - RIZKNZSLNZOXC-17200.23-120 ft/mAccepted
GHE0907Second Officer - EhrentrautCYXTCYVRB737-70001.34-469 ft/mAccepted
FSV710835Pilot - MitchellKFATKSANC208-NG02.00-482 ft/mAccepted
FSV199Master First Officer - FoxMKJPMTPPC-60A 01.29-45 ft/mAccepted
FEDX 497Second Officer - SpicerKLAXKPSPC208-NG00.59-501 ft/mAccepted
AAL710807Pilot - MitchellKSEAKFATB737-20002.02-173 ft/mAccepted
FSV-C03Master First Officer - FoxMWCRMKJPG-21A02.18-18 ft/mAccepted
FSV198Master First Officer - FoxKEYWMWCRC-60A 01.42-75 ft/mAccepted
FSV197Master First Officer - FoxMWCRKEYWC-60A 01.52-69 ft/mAccepted
AAL283Commercial Pilot - FoxKLAXPHNLDC-7B07.57-181 ft/mAccepted
GHE0829Second Officer - EhrentrautCYEGCYPEDC-302.02-188 ft/mAccepted
FSV-RR05Second Officer - EhrentrautPACYPAYADC-201.04-79 ft/mAccepted

Pilots Online

Ken FoxUnited States


Pilots: 14
Total Airline Hours: 4,320
Flights: 2,255
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 1,520,537
Aircraft: 106
Passengers: 81,809
Routes: 417

Sep 2021 Top Landings

Ken F.G21-18 ft/min
Ken F.D18S-23 ft/min
Ken F.C60-45 ft/min
Ken F.D18S-56 ft/min
Ken F.C60-69 ft/min

Newest Pilots

AAL7889 Timothy Robertson
FSV7887 Skyler Madsen
AAL7886 Erick Resler
FSV7885 Bob Mitchell
AAL7884 Mike Owen

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