You are now viewing Jim Lyman's Public Profile. This pilot is currently a Pilot and currently has 2.34 hours & a total of 3 flights. See below for Jim Lyman's pirep reports list and pireps chart.

Pilot ID Airline Avatar Rank Total Flights Total Hours Location Profile Questions
3 2.34 United States United States

Jim Lyman's PIREPS

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status Comment
AAL212A-58 KLAX KSAN DC-6B (N90756) 00.38 04/18/2019
AAL2224 KPHX KLAX B737-200 (N754AA) 01.20 04/17/2019
AAL212A58 KLAX KSAN DC-6B (N90756) 00.36 04/14/2019