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Average Landing

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Avg Landing: -303 FPM


Join FSV'S adventures. Fly heaves and light GA flights.

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Latest Company News

Posted by Ken Fox on 07/07/2024

New Tours!!

This is psrt 1 of a two part tour list following I-90 Westbound.

Departing from Essex County KCDW the tour will cover over 3000 miles, ending at Fresno Ca.

Although the DC-3 is the Designated aircraft for this tour you are welcome to fly the aircraft of your choosing.

Posted by Ken Fox on 07/03/2024

New FSV Livery

FSV livery for the XP11 and PX12 Sparky 747-400!

The FSV livery for Sparky's 747-400 can be downloaded from our download page.

The X Plane Sparky B-747-400 can be downloaded by clicking on the download link button.  


KACAR'S Flights

Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
240714ATP Captain - CainMPBOMNPCC-208B03.01-381 ft/mAccepted
FSV1142Senior Flight Captain - FoxPANCCYVRB-72004.03-319 ft/mAccepted
FSVI9006EPilot - MitchellKTOLKGYYC-47F01.16-206 ft/mAccepted
FSV710739Senior Flight Captain - FoxKFATPANCB-72005.36-225 ft/mAccepted
FSV1142Senior Flight Captain - FoxKFATKSBD182T02.23-175 ft/mAccepted
FSV-NZ24Pilot - NancarrowNZNPNZRUC-17200.49-68 ft/mAccepted
FSV-NZ23Pilot - NancarrowNZAPNZNPC-17201.10-285 ft/mAccepted
FSVI9005EPilot - MitchellKERIKTOLC-47F01.15-484 ft/mAccepted
FSVI9004EPilot - MitchellKRMEKERIC-47F01.35-110 ft/mAccepted
FSV710744Senior Flight Captain - FoxPHNLKFATB-72006.43-260 ft/mAccepted
FSVI9003EPilot - MitchellKPSFKRMEC-47F00.46-172 ft/mAccepted
FSVI9002EPilot - MitchellKBOSKPSFC-47F00.58-198 ft/mAccepted

Pilots Online

There are no pilots online!


Pilots: 23
Total Airline Hours: 5,781
Flights: 2,826
Flights Today: 2
Miles Flown: 2,029,360
Aircraft: 109
Passengers: 93,701
Routes: 439

Jul 2024 Top Landings

Chris N.C172-29 ft/min
Chris N.C172-61 ft/min
Chris N.C172-68 ft/min
Chris N.C172-68 ft/min
Chris N.C172-75 ft/min

Newest Pilots

FSV7913 Tim Baron
FSV7912 Ross Barton
AAL7911 Jordan Moore
FSV7910 George Pap

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