New Zealand Pt.1 Details

Status: Active
Description: Join us for Cessna Sundays in New Zealand. Part 1 of the adventure we will criss cross the northern part of New Zealand, 20 legs covering over 500 miles. The New Zealand kACARS schedule are only active Sundays. All Pilots wishing to log their flight hours for this tour will need to go to the Tour's page. click "View Tour Details" then click on "signup for Tour"
New Zealand Pt.1


Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance: Add Bid:
1Whenuapai Military (NZWP)North Shore (NZNE)FSV-NZ3C-1728 nm
2North Shore (NZNE)Kaipara Flats (NZKF)FSV-NZ4C-17215 nm
3Kaipara Flats (NZKF)Kaikohe (NZKO)FSV-NZ5C-17269 nm
4Kaikohe (NZKO)Kaitaia (NZKT)FSV-NZ6C-17235 nm
5Kaitaia (NZKT)Kerikeri (NZKK)FSV-NZ7C-17233 nm
6Kerikeri (NZKK)Whangarei (NZWR)FSV-NZ8C-17238 nm
7Whangarei (NZWR)Dargaville (NZDA)FSV-NZ9C-17225 nm
8Dargaville (NZDA)Springhill (NZSL)FSV-NZ10C-17240 nm
9Springhill (NZSL)Okiwi Station (NZOX)FSV-NZ11C-17243 nm
10Okiwi Station (NZOX)Great Barrier (NZGB)FSV-NZ12C-1726 nm
11Great Barrier (NZGB)Coromandel (NZCX)FSV-NZ13C-17233 nm
12Coromandel (NZCX)Ardmore (NZAR)FSV-NZ14C-17229 nm
13Ardmore (NZAR)Mercer (NZME)FSV-NZ15C-17215 nm
14Mercer (NZME)Hamilton (NZHN)FSV-NZ16C-17238 nm
15Hamilton (NZHN)Tauranga (NZTG)FSV-NZ17C-17243 nm
16Tauranga (NZTG)Te Kuiti (NZTT)FSV-NZ18C-17263 nm
17Te Kuiti (NZTT)Tokoroa (NZTO)FSV-NZ19C-17235 nm
18Tokoroa (NZTO)Rotorua (NZRO)FSV-NZ20C-17221 nm
19Rotorua (NZRO)Whakatane (NZWK)FSV-NZ21C-17230 nm
20Whakatane (NZWK)Taupo (NZAP)FSV-NZ22C-17263 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 683 nm

Pilot's Progress

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START: NZWPLeg: 1 To: NZNELeg: 2 To: NZKFLeg: 3 To: NZKOLeg: 4 To: NZKTLeg: 5 To: NZKKLeg: 6 To: NZWRLeg: 7 To: NZDALeg: 8 To: NZSLLeg: 9 To: NZOXLeg: 10 To: NZGBLeg: 11 To: NZCXLeg: 12 To: NZARLeg: 13 To: NZMELeg: 14 To: NZHNLeg: 15 To: NZTGLeg: 16 To: NZTTLeg: 17 To: NZTOLeg: 18 To: NZROLeg: 19 To: NZWKLeg: 20 To: NZAPComplete
1Senior Captain Fox - FSV1142
2Second Officer Ehrentraut - FSV7848            
3Pilot RIZK - FSV7860     
4Pilot Nancarrow - FSV7899