Radio Range Part1 Details

Status: Active
Description: Here's a tour built around Radio Range navigation and the Douglas DC2/DC3 and even the grate Ford Tri-Motor, if you are up to the challenge. For more historical information about the Radio Range navigation copy and past this link into your browser
Radio Range Part1


Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance: Add Bid:
1McGrath (PAMC)Unalakleet (PAUN)FSV-RR01DC-2151 nm
2Unalakleet (PAUN)Farewell (PAFW)FSV-RR02DC-2205 nm
3Farewell (PAFW)Campbell (CSR)FSV-RR03DC-2142 nm
4Campbell (CSR)Yakataga (PACY)FSV-RR04DC-2224 nm
5Yakataga (PACY)Yakutat (PAYA)FSV-RR05DC-292 nm
6Yakutat (PAYA)Sitka Rocky Gutierrez (PASI)FSV-RR06DC-2201 nm
7Sitka Rocky Gutierrez (PASI)Masset (CZMT)FSV-RR07DC-2212 nm
8Masset (CZMT)Port Hardy Airport (CYZT)FSV-RR08DC-2266 nm
9Port Hardy Airport (CYZT)Comox Airport (CYQQ)FSV-RR09DC-2112 nm
10Comox Airport (CYQQ)Vancouver Airport (CYVR)FSV-RR10DC-274 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1678 nm

Pilot's Progress

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START: PAMCLeg: 1 To: PAUNLeg: 2 To: PAFWLeg: 3 To: CSRLeg: 4 To: PACYLeg: 5 To: PAYALeg: 6 To: PASILeg: 7 To: CZMTLeg: 8 To: CYZTLeg: 9 To: CYQQLeg: 10 To: CYVRComplete
1Senior Captain Fox - FSV1142
2Second Officer Ehrentraut - FSV7848     
3Pilot RIZK - FSV7860        
4Pilot Mitchell - FSV7885