U.S. State Capitals Pt-1 Details

Status: Active
Description: there's 15 leg in part 1 of the U.S. State Capitals tour. Although the 737-800 is been assigned to this tour, feel free to fly the aircraft of your choosing.
U.S. State Capitals Pt-1


Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance: Add Bid:
1Juneau International Airport (PAJN)Olympia Regional Airport (KOLM)BLEUS-01B737-800803 nm
2Olympia Regional Airport (KOLM)Sacramento International Airport (KSMF)BLEUS-02B737-800501 nm
3Sacramento International Airport (KSMF)Boise Air Terminal (KBOI)BLEUS-03B737-800380 nm
4Boise Air Terminal (KBOI)Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (KPHX)BLEUS-04B737-800640 nm
5Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (KPHX)Denver International Airport (KDEN)BLEUS-05B737-800523 nm
6Denver International Airport (KDEN)Adams Field (KLIT)BLEUS-06B737-800669 nm
7Adams Field (KLIT)Forbes Field Airport (KFOE)BLEUS-07B737-800303 nm
8Forbes Field Airport (KFOE)Des Moines International Airport (KDSM)BLEUS-08B737-800180 nm
9Des Moines International Airport (KDSM)Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport (KSPI)BLEUS-09B737-800208 nm
10Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport (KSPI)Standiford Field (KSDF)BLEUS-10B737-800210 nm
11Standiford Field (KSDF)Indianapolis International Airport (KIND)BLEUS-11B737-80096 nm
12Indianapolis International Airport (KIND)Bradley International Airport (KBDL)BLEUS-12B737-800633 nm
13Bradley International Airport (KBDL)Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta Intl Airport (KATL)BLEUS-13B737-800747 nm
14Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta Intl Airport (KATL)Tallahassee Regional Airport (KTLH)BLEUS-14B737-800195 nm
15Tallahassee Regional Airport (KTLH)Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport (KBTR)BLEUS-15B737-800352 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 6441 nm

Pilot's Progress

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START: PAJNLeg: 1 To: KOLMLeg: 2 To: KSMFLeg: 3 To: KBOILeg: 4 To: KPHXLeg: 5 To: KDENLeg: 6 To: KLITLeg: 7 To: KFOELeg: 8 To: KDSMLeg: 9 To: KSPILeg: 10 To: KSDFLeg: 11 To: KINDLeg: 12 To: KBDLLeg: 13 To: KATLLeg: 14 To: KTLHLeg: 15 To: KBTRComplete
1IFR Commercial Pilot Fox - BLE2225          
2ATP Captain Cain - FSV0597                
3Commercial Pilot Gantman - AAL7898